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Sauces & Shapes: Pasta the Italian Way
by Oretta Zanini De Vita and Maureen B. Fant

The indispensable cookbook for genuine Italian sauces and the traditional pasta shapes that go with them. Photos by Gentl & Hyers/Edge, drawings by Luciana Marini, and wine pairings by Michelle Farkas.

Williams-Sonoma Rome
Text by Maureen B. Fant, photographs by Jean-Blaise Hall.
Oxmoor House 2005. ISBN 0848730062.

The Rome volume in the Williams-Sonoma Foods of the World series. About half is devoted to 50 recipes, from antipasto to dolce, and half to text on food history, local practices, and spotlights on specific foods. It really is mostly my Rome—what's traditional, what's trendy, and what we have that you don't.

Trattorias of Rome, Florence, and Venice
by Maureen B. Fant
Ecco Press (HarperCollins), New York, 2001. ISBN 0-06-095687-9

Dictionary of Italian Cuisine
by Maureen B. Fant and Howard M. Isaacs
Ecco Press, Hopewell NJ, 1998. ISBN 0-88001-612-4

Women's Life in Greece and Rome
by Mary R. Lefkowitz and Maureen B. Fant
3rd rev. ed.
Duckworth, London, and Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 2005. First ed. published in 1982.

Eat like the Romans: the Visitor's Food Guide
by Maureen B. Fant
Alphabyte Books, Rome, 1992. ISBN 88-86128-00-2


Popes, Peasants, and Shepherds: Recipes and Lore from Rome and Lazio
By Oretta Zanini De Vita, translated by Maureen B. Fant

Encyclopedia of Pasta
By Oretta Zanini De Vita, translated by Maureen B. Fant
California Studies in Food and Culture
University of California Press, Berkeley, 2009. ISBN 978-0520255227

An A to Z collection of traditional Italian pasta shapes, winner of a James Beard award in 2010

Antonello Colonna: Un anarchico ai fornelli. Da Labico a New York
By Stefano Polacchi and Antonello Colonna, published by Gambero Rosso, 2005. One of Lazio's top chef-restaurateurs tells his story.

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Pasta is so universally popular in the United States that it can justifiably be called an American food. This book makes the case for keeping it Italian with recipes for sauces and soups as cooked in Italian homes today. There are authentic versions of such favorites as carbonara, bolognese, marinara, and Alfredo, as well as plenty of unusual but no less traditional sauces, based on roasts, ribs, rabbit, clams, eggplant, arugula, and mushrooms, to name but a few.
Food culture and recipes with fabulous photos
A personal guide to traditional eating and drinking in three cities
A to Z Italian-English lexicon of food terminology
The Classical World
A source book on ancient women
By Oretta Zanini De Vita