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Dictionary of Italian Cuisine

Howard Isaacs and I needed a reliable, wide-ranging dictionary of Italian food terminology and couldn't find one. So we wrote this. It contains brief definitions of 5000+ terms used in Italian recipes and on menus, including common verbs and adjectives (so you don't need two dictionaries to get through one short recipe). It also has kitchen equipment and place names.

Do you know the difference between a mestolo and a mestolone? One's a ladle, the other a wild duck.

No pictures, no recipes. Just lots and lots of words.

Selected Works

Pasta is so universally popular in the United States that it can justifiably be called an American food. This book makes the case for keeping it Italian with recipes for sauces and soups as cooked in Italian homes today. There are authentic versions of such favorites as carbonara, bolognese, marinara, and Alfredo, as well as plenty of unusual but no less traditional sauces, based on roasts, ribs, rabbit, clams, eggplant, arugula, and mushrooms, to name but a few.
Food culture and recipes with fabulous photos
A personal guide to traditional eating and drinking in three cities
A to Z Italian-English lexicon of food terminology
The Classical World
A source book on ancient women
By Oretta Zanini De Vita