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Women's Life in Greece and Rome

A compendium of writings by and/​or about women in the Greek and Roman world from the dawn of history to the advent of Christianity. The aim is to make the sources available to readers who do not know the ancient languages, or who are not inclined to go digging around in collections of inscriptions and papyri. We've included (among much else) women's poetry, men's satire, contracts, epitaphs, laws, letters, medical treatises, philosophers, historians, and saints.

To read some excerpts, visit Diotima.

The fourth revised edition was published in 2016.

WLGR3 addenda and corrigenda, as of 26 October 2006

Page 3, no. 3
Remove reference to note 5.
Page 3, no. 4
Reference to note 6 becomes note 5.
Page 4, no. 5
Insert reference to note 6 on line 2, after the word “moon”.
Page 14, no. 35
In heading, after “GLP 185-7” insert “= Fr. 1000 PCG VIII (Fr. Com. Adesp.)
Page 180, no. 238
In heading, after “papyrus” insert “= Fr. 1084 PCG VIII (Fr. Com. Adesp.)
Page 335
Invert notes 5 and 6.
Page 406
“Documentary papyri” should read “Papyri”
After P. Tebt. …, insert “Fr. 1000 PCG VIII (Fr. Com. Adesp.), 35; Fr. 1984, 238

Selected Works

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