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Rome on Sunday Evening

REVISED. It's getting harder and harder to eat anything but pizza on a Sunday evening. Here are a few ideas from the Gambero Rosso guide. The ones I've tried and liked have an asterisk. In addition, there are a number of hotel restaurants and pizzerias as well as a few wine bars and ethnics.

*Dal Bolognese (classic, upmarket, haven't been in years)
Al Bric (Campo de' Fiori) (never been)
*La Campana (I find it tired but often irreplaceable)
*Cavour 313
*Al Ceppo (upmarket, in Parioli, great food)
*Checco er Carettiere (Trastevere, stick-to-your-ribs Roman)
*Cul de Sac (wine bar, much love, much uncomfortable)
Il Focolare (Monteverde Vecchio; it's fine, just not fantastic)
Giggetto al Portico (the Ghetto classic)
*Giuda Ballerino! (Tuscolo; very good creative restaurant)
*Grano (upscale trattoria near the Pantheon)
'Gusto (hate it, but it's the 800-pound gorilla of off-hours eating)
Le Jardin du Russie (never been)
Mamma Angelina (Quartiere Africano) (never been)
*Montevecchio (adorable, near via dei Coronari)
*Il Sanlorenzo (stylish seafood place in via dei Chiavari)
*Tram Tram (San Lorenzo, chaotic but yummy)
*Vecchia Roma (P. Campitelli, beautiful, food is uneven) Read More 
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